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Child Labor In India

Once I posted in my blog long back that the kids are abused as beggars to make money.

After 5 years I am seeing Bangalore again. Things haven’t changed much. The IT and business people are enjoying lot of cash, the cash flow is high with malls and other international facilities in the city. The city landscape is getting changed with brand new flats apartments, facilities, better roads, tollways, the city is expanding to the suburbs at an exponential rate and slums are either shifted or wiped off from the major residential and business areas. Good to see some good economic growth in this place. 

What hurts me, wherever I go, especially in some low/mid-class restaurants, shops everywhere we can see lot of kids mostly in the age of 10 years working and doing the cheap [Yea I mean it] job for the sake of some bucks. I am not against these kids are finding money by doing some part time jobs and secure their life with the proper education. But that must have an age, at least 15 yeas I believe. They’re underpaid like anything. Simply the owners throwing the money of a high class coffee.

The UPA govt in India ensuring Rural Employment Guarantee Act to make sure that a person is getting job at least a fixed number of days with a fixed wage. I born and brought up in Kerala where you can see highest literacy rate in the country. The child labor seems negligible in most of the part (except Trivandrum and some other remote places). I am quotting one of the stories I posted before.

I found a girl in M.G Road who’s begging to a foriegn lady for few bucks. Irony is that, the hygienic foreigners still happily play with the awful street dogs in the street. Regardless of the poor state of the girl, that lady had went down on her knee and asked her back, you need food? you need Ice Cream? still that girl was pleading for some buck (she must be expecting some foreign currency). Finally that lady had ended up giving some bucks and left the place.

I have seen people who do the city development work like digging the canals, cleaning up the streets are also come along with their small kids and give them some small pikaxe or something to do their part. I am sure at least they’re getting some bucks for this kids also from the contractor. 

The kids who have employed in the restaurants are cheapily paid these money directly goes to their parents or to the person who control these orphans.

India is quite famous for the youth. Youth is our majority of the population. Even Rahul Gandhi mentioned it several times in various occasions. Then what they’re doing to make sure that the youth is properly developed and used. These kind of business or money making trend must be ended. The govt should come forward to spend money for the education of the kids and make awareness to the illeteral parents. This reminds of the scene from the movies Swades where the hero went to the remotest place in the village to get the kids in to the school. They had a cause to do that, here nobody really want to the cause. In future we will get unducated abused youth to in India where it could lead to several crimes, difficult living conditions. 

There’s a huge difference between building a nation well and controlling the social causes. 

Why the officers in India asking for bribe? Why the public services like autos taxis wanted to get some extra bucks (sometimes too much), simply why people are eyeing money of others in an unfair way? Because they are unable to distiguish between their money and others money what they can achieve? They’re limited the small world and wanted to make it big without an extra effort.

Education plays a big role in the society. When I studied, I simply finished my school and went for engineering diploma. I managed to find a job only because I was passionate about computers and I put right effort in that direction. On the other hand, I wished to study in a good Engineering college in Kerala but the financial situation was worse but at least I have job in hand or I have gained some knowledge to contribute to a job, even it’s a substandard for engineering degree.

Why I could not afford it? My mother was a working Govt. Servant who had struggled to manager our monthly expenses. But the colleges became so expensive for a normal citizen in these days. People are enrolling for medical, engineering, MBA studies on seeing better job opportunities and the substandard colleges are making best out of it. Finally most of the people are unemployed or adjust with a low profile job. Education became too expensive. How a poor person can educate their kid? how long? What I believe, the education must be free in the nation at least to an extend. They should be able to finish school and do some Diploma or kind of courses with less expense or free to secure a job. At least School education must be free, proper (most of them are free and just for the sake running because the faculties enjoying govt. job) and useful. There must be strict norms enforced to stop the child labor.

How to find money? That’s again a question. Of course taxes are there and lot of international and domestic corporate companies are making billions and not contributing anything to the society. Also they’re setting up their offices in SEZ (Special Economy Zone) where they can save huge taxes in the name of employment opportunities they’re giving to the state. This must be properly utilized to get more contribution to the societies. At least the carbon emission they’re causing in the earth. (Yea there are such costs abroad)

We need educated, healthy youth to build the nation in the future. 

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